The Benefits of Professional Product Photography

In an e-commerce driven world, your products are the backbone of your business. There’s no denying the importance of great product photography, whether you’re looking to improve sales on your e-commerce product pages or increase engagement and conversion through social media.

Studies show that over 60% of consumers consider image quality to be pertinent when making purchases over the internet, so investing in clear, high resolution photography is vital for brands to make their mark in a saturated marketplace.

Increase search and social mobility

Making your brand more visible is the first step to generating awareness and sales. Visual content typically does very well online, while consumers are 40x more likely to share content that features an image across their social channels. The more shares your product pages receive, the more likely you are to reach new customers, increase traffic and strengthen SEO through social signals.

This means that your photography should not only be professional but should also be highly distinctive and branded. Creating shareable content starts with researching your target audience, establishing exactly what content your existing customer base is already sharing and where.

Mastering the art of product photography on Instagram is going to differ from taking photographs for Twitter and Facebook, for example. Posts on sites like Twitter are also restricted by character limit, which places more emphasis on stand-out imagery over lots of written content.

Build trust

Far from being able to touch and engage with products as they would in store, customers shopping online only have the imagery you provide to get an idea of exactly what you have for sale. This emphasizes the importance of high resolution photography that clearly demonstrates what the consumer can expect to receive when they make a purchase. Visual elements are particularly important to brands that exist solely online.

Below are some images & the link to the blog post via my website, highlighting products for one of my clients, Elemental Bottles ( Enjoy!